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Piano, Harp

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At 16, Yingying Fu received Beijing University and Qsinghua University Winter Art Camp’s highest honor for her harp performance. The local newspaper, Whuhan Morning News, noting that she had been studying the instrument for only eight months, commented on her “musical genius.” Since then, she has performed extensively in China, and was the former principle harpist of Long River Philharmonic Orchestra.  In 2014, she obtained her master’s degree in Arts Administration from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, with the aim of bringing creative business ideas to the world of classical music. She is currently pursuing her performer diploma in harp at The Jacobs School of Music under the guidance of Elzbieta M. Szmyt. She also directs her own music studio in China, where she aims to promote harp performance, ensemble training, and the social benefits of music. Inspired by the philosophy of "El Sistema,” a publicly-financed voluntary music education program in Venezuela, she is dedicated to popularizing music education for children and families from all socioeconomic status. Yingying has concertized as an international member of the Silk Road Ensemble since 2012.

Ying-Ying Fu: TeamMember
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