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Kamancha, Chagane


Professor Munis Sharifov is director and conductor of the Ancient Instruments Ensemble of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a group he founded in 1996 to promote the nation’s folk and classical music traditions. He started his kamancha career in 1982, and since then, his musical career has taken him all over the world. In 2002, he was invited by UNESCO to give concerts in Russia, Canada, Turkey, and in 2004 he toured the U.S. Midwest with the Silk Road Ensemble. In addition to playing on his first instrument, the kamancha, Sharifov also performs on a traditional instrument called the chagane, and as a soloist in the Azerbaijan State Concert Guild. A faculty member at the Baku Musical Academy, Sharifov, trains young Azerbaijani and international artists in kamancha performance. He is a recipient of the “People’s Republic Artist” award bestowed by the Republic of Azerbaijan. Samples of his multiple recordings can be heard on YouTube.

Munis Shaifov: TeamMember
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