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Composer, Multi-instrumentalist


A professor of music theory and practice who is trained in both Eastern and Western musical traditions, Maestro Najafzade is one of the most prominent musicologists in the Republic of Azerbaijan. A graduate of the State Conservatory of Music named after Uzeyir Hajibeyli (founder of the Azerbaijani national classical music), he is the author of more than twenty scientific publications and two hundred articles. Professor Najafzade studied conducting with the late maestro Suleyman Alaskarov and the art of playing Kamancha (spike fiddle of the East) with the late Ramiz Mirishli. Professor Najafzade has performed on four continents, in Italy, Germany, Sweden, England, Holland, Japan, Mexico, Cuba, all of the former Soviet Republics, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. He has served as a judge in many international competitions and conferences, and has been an international member of the Silk Road Ensemble since 2016.

Abbasgulu Najafzade: Team Members
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