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 Jalal Zolfonoon received his earliest musical training from his father, Habib Zolfonoon, and his older brother, Mahmoud Zolfonoon. At the National School for Iranian Music, he studied musical theory, composition and technique under Ruhollah Khalegi and Musa Khan Maroufi. In 1967, Jalal Zolfonoon joined the faculty of the Fine Arts department of Tehran University where he continued his studies of the setar with Master Noor Ali Boroumand and Daryoush Saffat. He began combining the techniques of the older masters of setar with his own ingenuity and mystic sensitivity. Zolfonoon formed the first-ever ensemble consisting only of setar players, creating the bestselling album of traditional Persian music “Golehsadbarg” (which means, "100 petal flower"). One of the most virtuosic players of the setar, Zolfonoon is credited with showing the power and versatility of the setar as an ensemble and solo instrument. Since “Golehsadbarg's” success, the setar has evolved from the least to the most popular instrument in Iran. Zolfonoon has recorded numerous albums and is the author of a seminal book, Setar Playing /Teaching Method. He lives in Iran, but tours in Europe, the US, Canada and Japan with his son, Soheil, and other musicians (

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